Entrepreneurship (EEE370)


     Entrepreneurship (EEE 370): This class is being offered with SUPA (Syracuse University Project Advance) credit.

    This business course is designed for those interested in learning how innovative thinking can lead to excellent opportunities in business. The topics include recognizing opportunities, performing a feasible analysis, types of business ownership, creating new venture teams, sources of financing, developing marketing strategies and creating a business concept model.

    About SUPA - This course is designed specifically for high school seniors and is identical in all important aspects to the course offered to matriculated SU students - they use the same syllabi (where appropriate), materials, textbooks, assignments, and assessments. SU courses offered through SUPA intellectually challenge students, requiring them to deeply explore and thoroughly interact with college-level subject matter. Dual enrollment not only better prepares students to transition from high school to college, it gives them course credit that most SUPA graduates receive recognition for at destination colleges.

    Student Testimonials:

    "This class was one of my favorites! Contributing to class discussions and engaging in a variety of interactive projects played a vital role in learning the content. I highly recommend this class." - S. Kaupp 

    "If you are serious about business and want to run your own someday, this is the class to take. This class teaches students everything they need to know about running a business in a rigorous way while still being entertaining and fun. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to understand business in greater depth." - T. Massina

    "In my opinion, Entrepreneurship is a unique business class that challenges you more than most electives. This is a discussion based course, and the work outside of class isn't brutal at all. learning the content throughout the year was interesting and exciting and well worth my time and effort." - M. Taylor 

    "Entrepreneurship is truly a student driven course that challenges us to use our own ideas and business cognition to develop a one-of-a-kind business concept model with your classmates." - N. Herron

Syracuse University Project Advance

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