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For Parents

  • No child succeeds in my classroom without support from home.  Even if your child is internally motivated, that is only because you have reinforced this positive approach on your end.  Be sure to explore the various sections of this "For Parents" section of my website for more information and helpful hints regarding homework, tests & quizzes and other important information.

    Independent Study 


    The Privilege of Teaching Your Child

    Contacting Mr. Smith:  The best way to get the quickest response to your concern or question is to email me.   I check my email several times a day and should be able to get back to you quickly.  If you wish to phone me you can leave a message at 267-3138, but I do not check my phone nearly as regularly as it is not near my classroom.  Even if you desire a phone conversation, it is suggested that you use email to make initial contact so that we can arrange the call.   I very much enjoy communication with parents so do not hesitate to contact me!