The Privilege of Teaching Your Child

  • The Privilege of Teaching Your Child

    The heading of this section sums up my attitude about interacting with your son or daughter.  I consider it a privilege and a blessing to get to spend time with your child every day.  I am committed to his or her success.  Every day in class we say a student-teacher pledge with the words below.  When I deliver my portion, I am mindful of my promise, and I take it very seriously and recite it with purpose...



    I will dedicate myself to learning in this class through the use of my time, talents and tenaciousness.   

     I will be considerate, kind and a force for good in this classroom. 


    I am called to help you attend to the above, and I will answer by being diligent, respectful and fair. 

    I am blessed by the great privilege of being your teacher.