Independent Study(Homework)

  • My Philosophy on Independent Study:

    I am a believer in the value of doing some assignments at home, but not in a punishing quantity that is not realistic given a student's full course load.  Though homework's function may change depending on which course I teach, it is an important part of my curriculum.

    How is my child doing on independent study?  You should use Parent Portal for full access to your child's grades, including those earned on homework assignments.  If you do not have a Parent Portal account be sure to contact Assistant Principal, Jennifer Marren.

    Do you accept late independent study assignments?  Yes(so long as the marking period for the assignment is still open).  However, please keep in mind that in some classes there is an in-class assessment that occurs on the due date for an assignment and that portion may prove to be more rigorous/challenging if the assignment is not done on time. 

    What is the purpose of Independent Study in Global 9 and Military History?  Most Independent Study assignments in Global 9 and Military History class are "Video Notes" tasks.  These experience allow me to shift some instruction time to outside of class time so that while in class we can do more experiential and collaborative activities(some refer to this as 'flipping the classroom'). 

    What is the purpose of Independent Study in A.P. Government?  Being a college-level class, Independent Study, our A.P. class is more intense but assignments are almost universally long term as a result(one week or more to complete).   Chapter readings and research are meant to supplement class notes- including items that I may not have time to teach in class.  The Advanced Placement curriculum is vast, and there simply aren't enough school days to cover every single concept. 

    How can I help on the home front when it comes to independent study?  Please monitor your child's progress by asking to see their completed assignments and checking on their grades.  Being a parent myself, I have often heard the "don't worry, I did it at school during study hall" response to my inquiries about homework.  If you have a policy of asking to see their work before it is turned in, even if it is completed, this is good practice in my opinion.  If you look at my Assignments Calendar every day, you can keep apprised of what has been assigned.   Of course, feel free to contact me if you have any questions about an assignment.