Grades & Expectations

  • Course Grading

    Exams:  consist of an "In-Class" and a "Take-Home" portion and are worth 40-50 points.

    Quizzes/HW:  for each unit, I will collect homework problems worth 6-12 points.

                         Additional written assignments or quizzes are also worth 6-12 points. 

    Expectations - The FIVE E's

    Engage - All students need to participate in the lesson.

    Explore - All students need to be willing to try things, even when they don't know the answer.

    Explain - All students need to express their thoughts regarding the material. 

    Elaborate - All students need to use appropriate vocabulary and to show mathematical steps.

    Evaluate - All students will do their best on tests, quizzes and homework assignments. 

    Helpful Tips for Success

    AP Statistics is different than any mathematics class that you have taken in the past. 

    • Students are expected to complete reading assignments out of the book. 
    • Students will need to communication in writing.  This written communication needs to be clear, concise, and in context.  It is rare that an answer is just a "number".
    • Students will need to adhere to due dates in order to be successful in this course.