About Mrs. Hanellin

  • I'm pleased to be a staff member at Sutherland High School. As I begin my 28th year of teaching, I can honestly say that I am just as excited as I was when I began my first year, way back in 1997. It's hard to believe that my current students were not even born yet!  The old adage says that time flies when you are having fun; teaching and experiencing science with young people certainly fits that description.

    With degrees in Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science, I began my career as an environmental scientist investigating hazardous waste disposal sites, wetlands, and other sensitive areas. After several years in the field, I felt the pull towards academia, and taught in Stony Brook on Long Island until 2005. My family relocated to North Carolina where I enjoyed eight years teaching in a high-achieving public high school. I missed the level of rigor offered by New York State public schools, and ultimately chose to return to New York, settling my family in Pittsford due to the area's wonderful opportunities in education.