Lab Requirement Information and Letter

  • The following form was sent home with your student during the first week of school (blue sheet of paper). It must be signed and brought back to school.


          Due to COVID-19, the information in this letter is subject to change                                                                                                                        September 2020




    Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):


    The purpose of this letter is to make you aware of the laboratory requirement in your child’s Physical Setting: Chemistry course.


          As per Commissioner’s Regulations…. “For admission to a Regents examination in science, students must complete the State-mandated laboratory requirement.  The laboratory component must be provided in addition to the required classroom instruction associated with earning a unit of credit and must include 1200 minutes of hands-on laboratory with satisfactory laboratory reports [100.5(b)(7)(iv)(d)].  Laboratory reports must be kept on file for at least six months after the student takes a Regents examination in science.” 


    For your student, this means the following:


    *  Your child must complete a minimum of 1200 minutes of hands-on lab activities as mandated

         by the New York State Education Department.

    *  Your child must satisfactorily complete laboratory reports documenting their 1200 lab minutes.

    *  Your child’s lab reports must be kept on file at school.

    *  This laboratory requirement must be completed in a satisfactory manner prior to being admitted

         to the Regents exam in Chemistry.  If the lab requirement is not met, the student will not be

         admitted to the Regents exam in Chemistry.


    Your signature in the space provided below confirms that both you and your child are aware of this laboratory requirement.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 267- 3827.





                                                                                  Mrs. Leslie Hanellin

                                                                                  Chemistry Teacher

                                                                                  Sutherland High School



    I am aware that __________________________________________ (student name) must meet the laboratory requirement stated in the letter above for this course in order to be admitted to the Physical Setting: Chemistry Regents exam.



    Student Signature  _______________________________________________ Date _________


    Parent/Guardian Signature _________________________________________ Date _________