• The PSAT/NMSQT will be held on Saturday, October 14, 2023, at Sutherland High School.  The College Board has transitioned to a digital format that will require each student to download the  Bluebook App  to access practice tests and to test on October 14th.  You may download the  Bluebook App  on your personal laptop, tablet, or desktop at this time. However, more information will be forthcoming on downloading  Bluebook  on your school issued laptop.  Please know that students must use a laptop or tablet on test day. Phones cannot be used. For more information, please visit .

    The PSAT is used as a performance indicator for the SAT and scores will also be used for consideration in the National Merit Scholarship pool. Though highly recommended, the PSAT is not mandatory and PSAT scores are not used for college admission. 

    To register for the Digital PSAT, Juniors can pay online through the Pittsford Payment Center at or bring a check for $25.00 (payable to PCSD) to the Counseling Office no later than 12:00 noon on September 18, 2023.

    *It is important to note that  deadlines are based on the College Board requirements and therefore, no late registration will be accepted.


    TEST DATE:              Saturday, October 14, 2023

    LOCATION:               Sutherland High School

    TIME:                          7:40 AM - ~ 12 noon
    Students will report to their testing room at Sutherland High School. Please note, the timing will differ for students who have testing accommodations approved by the College Board.

    FEE:                            $25.00
    Paid online through the Pittsford Payment Center at OR
    check payable to PCSD (*student's name clearly printed on check) and delivered to the Counseling Office OR
    fee waivers available to eligible students (please see your Counselor).

    REQUIRED MATERIALS:              

    ·         Photo ID
    ·         #2 Pencils with erasers/ scratch paper will be provided.
    ·         You may bring a College Board Approved Calculator. However, the digital exam will have a built-in calculator. No calculators will be provided on site. Please refer to for guidelines on approved calculators.

    For questions please Contact:

    Vera Foster

    College/Career Center Coordinator



    KHAN Academy  

    Once a student receives their score report, they may use Khan Academy for free, personalized SAT prep.  Click on the Khan Academy logo/tree to be directed to their site.