SAT/ACT Accommodation Request Procedures for Students with IEP or 504 plans

  • It is important to begin the application process for applying for accommodations for standardized tests early.  Please see your counselor to begin the process.  Accommodation requests for ACT and SAT/AP/PSAT are very different.  Pittsford Sutherland High School will help facilitate this process, however, the decision is solely made by College Board or the ACT and approval is not guaranteed.

    College Board Accommodations (SAT/AP/PSAT):
    We recommend registering for test accommodations no later than the spring of the sophomore yearIf you need additional information, see the College Board link below.

    Please note that:

    • A parent consent form must be submitted to Cindy Tyler or the student’s counselor
    • The approval process may take up to 7 weeks
    • Once approved, the accommodations are in effect for all College Board tests (PSAT/SAT/AP) and no more paperwork needs to be done.
    • When students register for the SAT, they will be asked if they will be using accommodations and to enter their College Board SSD number.


    ACT  Accommodations:
    ACT accommodations are handled differently than College Board accommodations.  ACT accommodation requests are made at the time of registration for the test. 

      Please note that:

        • A parent consent form must be submitted to Cindy Tyler or the student’s counselor
        • Students must register for the ACT. When registering, students will be asked if they are using accommodations. If so, an email will be generated to the student and Cindy Tyler. We must receive the email and the ACT Consent form at least one week prior to the regular ACT deadline (not the late registration deadline).
        • Extended Time National Testing is for students whose only accommodation is 50% more time.  Students with 50% more time will test on the national test date. 
        • Special Testing is for students with other types of accommodations (100% - double time, use of computer, reader, writing in test book, etc.).  

          IMPORTANT:  Any time a student re-takes the ACT, you must forward the email from the ACT to Cindy Tyler so that she can assign the student to the new test date!

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