College Visits

  •  For College/University Representatives: 

    We would love to have you visit our school! 

    We are now on RepVisits:

    Please complete and present our Health Screening Form prior to your arrival on the day of your visit.

    Our address is:
    55 Sutherland St.
    Pittsford, NY 14534

    The parking lot is off of Sutherland St.  Drive towards the woods and the main entrance is on the left near the flag pole:

    .Sutherland High School

    Do not park in the lot on Jefferson Rd. near the Lomb building that says 'Visitor Parking'::

    Lomb Building


    We try to align the visits with our period schedule.  Periods are 40 minutes long.  Please use RepVisits, contact the College/Career Center Coordinator at 585-267-1117 or email to schedule a visit.


     For Students: 

    Approximately 150 colleges and universities will visit SHS each year.  Seniors and Juniors are encouraged to attend. 

    • This first contact could be very important because most of the college representatives will be involved in the processing and reading of Sutherland students' college applications.
    • Many schools consider 'demonstrated interest' when evaluating a student for admission.  Colleges want students who demonstrate that they are very interested in that school by visiting campus, arranging for an interview, if possible, and visiting with the college representative when at SHS.

    College visits will start on Wednesday, September 14, 2022. All visits are in the College/Career Center in the Counseling Office unless otherwise noted.

    To Attend a College Rep Visit:
    At least one period before the visit:

    • Get a yellow pass from one of the secretaries in the Counseling Office.
    • Have your teacher sign the pass.
    • Be on time, please.
    • No pass is needed if you have a free period.

     There are many places to view upcoming college visits:

    1. On the bulletin board outside of the Counseling Office.
    2. On the TV monitors around the building.
    3. Click on 'Events' at the bottom of the left column on this webpage.
    4. In Naviance.  Login in and upcoming visits will be listed under ‘What’s New’.
    5. In the Morning Announcements.

Daily Schedule/Periods

Period Time
1st Period 7:40-8:21
2nd Period 8:25-9:11
3rd Period 9:15-9:56
4th Period 10:00-10:41
5th Period 10:45-11:25
6th Period 11:29-12:09
7th Period 12:13-12:53
8th Period 12:57-1:37
9th Period 1:41-2:21
10th Period 2:25-3:05