Sutherland Instructional Support Team - IST

Sutherland High School IST/RtI

  • Welcome to Sutherland's IST page. Our goal is to ensure that all students become effective learners.  This group assists with implementing strategies to meet the needs of students who may need additional assistance at times during their high school experience.  Sutherland's team has adopted the Response to Intervention Model (RtI) to focus on supporting Tier I Interventions (provided by classroom teacher) and if needed recommend and/or implement Tier II Interventions.

    Please see any Instructional Support Team member with any questions.

    Administrators:  Jennifer Marren
    Facilitator:  TBD
    Team Members: 
    Christin Keller
    Amanda Marshall
    Brian Kohrt
    Jeff Mellon
    Jeff Wing

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