Sample Tier 1 Strategies to Use in the Classroom

  •        Management

     Assign seat near teacher

     Assign student to low-distraction area

    Assign seat near positive peer models

    Stand near student when giving instruction

    Provide an exemplar to help student formulate his/her own work

    Display constant visual cues within room

    Teach student to monitor own behavior

    Implement behavior contract/reward system

    Provide opportunities in or out of the classroom to demonstrate academic leadership


    Use visual aids with oral presentation

    Highlight essential information/directions

    Give clear behavioral objectives

    Explain grading criteria for assignments

    Ask student to repeat instructions for clarification and understanding

    Use of engaging high-interest materials

    Call on student often

    Acknowledge student effort

    Give reminders for student to stay on task

    Use large type/alternative fonts

    Keep page format simple

    Divide page into clearly marked sections

    Provide opportunities to preview materials

    Encourage use of online resources and student review/assessment websites

    Differentiate instruction based on student's level


    Use short, frequent quizzes

    Review using similar test questions

    Post-test analysis with student

    Model and encourage use of test taking strategies

    Allow access to word processor

         Other Strategies

    Train student in note-taking

    Allow student to record lessons

    Give student outlines, study guides or a copy of lecture notes

    Periodic review of student's class notes

    Encourage proper agenda usage

    Peer tutoring

    Meet with teacher for extra assistance

    Use of Student Assistance periods

    Encourage self advocacy

    Promote active communication

    Aid in organization of materials

    Provide consistent homework reminders

    Notes/assignments available online

    Encourage student to participate in other related academic activities including extracurricular opportunities