• NOTICE from MCC regarding SPRING 2020 College Credit  


    Last Day to Withdraw from Individual Course With a W Grade Monday - May 18, 2020

    Acknowledging how the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to fully distance learning may have impacted your students’ academic success, the last day for students to withdraw from an individual course with a grade of “W”’ is May 18, 2020. Previously, the withdrawal deadline for full-year courses was April 10. The deadline for spring only courses has not changed.


    Please ask your students to consult with you prior to deciding to withdraw from a course, especially since withdrawing can affect their future with financial aid.


    A decision regarding refunds due to withdrawals has not been finalized, and an email will be forthcoming.


    Alternate Grading Option (2019-2020 full-year and spring only)

    Due to the impact of the pandemic, all MCC students will have the option to receive a traditional letter grade or a designation of Satisfactory/Pass/Unsatisfactory for each course taken in the Spring 2020 semester. DE students can select this alternative grading based on their unique needs and circumstances.


    At the end of the term, teachers will send liaisons earned letter grades (A through F) to be entered into Banner. These grades will be permanently kept by MCC; however, students will have the option of requesting that a Satisfactory/Pass/Unsatisfactory grade be displayed on their transcript, as follows:

    •            Substitute an "S" for earned grades "A" to "C" indicating students have Satisfactory performance in the course.

    •            Substitute "P" for earned grades "C-" to "D-" indicating students have Passed the course.

    •            Substitute a "U" for earned grade of "F" indicating student performance was Unsatisfactory for the course.


    While both "S" and "P" signify earned course credit and are excluded from GPA calculation, S grades may be more likely to be eligible for transfer to another institution. (This would be a decision by the transfer institution.) "U" grades indicate that a student was unsuccessful in the course; no credit would be awarded, and this grade is excluded from GPA calculation.


    Between May 20 and August 1, 2020, students may choose to select S/P/U for some or all of their grades for the full year or spring only 2020 term. Thereafter, they may request that their original letter grades be reinstated at any point until their graduation date. No changes to the grades as posted on the transcript may be requested after graduation.


    Things to Consider Before Choosing the S/P/U Option

    Considerations include whether changing the grade to an S/P/U might help students’ GPA or whether changing the grade might cause issues later in their academic career. For example, most students might opt to take a U instead of an F because the U would not hurt their GPA in the way that an "F" would. Students with an "A" average might opt to take an "S" instead of a "C," or students might opt to take a "P" instead of a "D" for the same reason.


    Following are reasons students might choose to keep your earned letter grades instead of selecting S/P/U:

    •            The transfer school may not accept S/P grades for transfer credit. It is very important that you reach out to any potential transfer schools to verify their grade policies for course transfer.



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