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    Welcome to Virtual Enterprise! 


    Virtual Enterprise is a practice firm set up and run by students with support from a teacher and a corporate partner.  Virtual Enterprises conduct business with one another in a simulated environment on a local, national, or international level via various forms of electronic communication such as phone, internet, and email.  Although there is not actual transfer of goods or money, students conduct all the usual business activities involved in operating a business such as: contracting sales, sending orders, issuing invoices, maintaining financial records, paying employees, filing taxes, etc.  Virtual Enterprises may be established in any line of business, from service to manufacturing, wholesale to retail.


    Students have the opportunity to earn 3 units of College Credit (BUS 110 - Entrepreneurship).  The link to register is below along with a link to obtain your MCC college transcript.


    Registraiton opens on September 9 and will close on September 30, 2020





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