Leadership Development Seminar

  • LDS

    Why should you take LDS?

    • Many students elect to take “LDS” ASAP in their high school career to pave the way for future activities

    • You will experience approximately 18 sessions that will deal with on-the-job topics (refer to topics covered below)

    • You will meet once a week, during your lunch – you will eat during seminar and LDS “does not use an additional period during your day!”

    • “LDS” is a required, one-time only, seminar that is needed to validate: Co-op work experience credit,  Career internship credit,  Community service credit!!!

    • You will receive an "S" for satisfactorily completing all required assignments in LDS (numberical grades will  not be given)

    • See below for all topics, discussions and leadership activities... 


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