Resources - study skills

  • It is important for you to create an awareness of your personal learning style.

         Make sure you create a positive work environment, a clean quiet location.

         Study your notes within 24 hours of taking them.

         Do you know how long it takes you to read 20 pages? Time yourself. Then you can plan how   long you need to allot for the assigned reading.

         Study with a friend or study group.

         Meet with your teacher for feedback and clarification.

         Make sure you have your notes and assignments organized in folders. Think about color coding.

         Create a calendar when given a long term project or research project. Keep a folder containing only information pertaining to the project.

         Take periodic breaks. Go eat a nutritious snack and a glass of water. Pet the dog or take a short walk. Do not get distracted with facebook, t.v., video games or other nonproductive activities. Save that for after you have completed your work.

         Relax and remember to breathe. You can do it.