Sutherland High School Chess Club

  • Any students who are interested in playing chess are welcome to attend! In 2019-2020, the Chess Club will meet most Thursdays after school. The SHS traveling Chess Team competes approximately once a month on Thursdays.

    Our interscholastic League competitions start up in late October. Players who are interested in attending the competitions should see Mr. Northrup for a permission form and hand it in, signed, in October. 

    For students interested in going to League Competitions at other schools, remember that School Trip Permission Forms along with Medical Forms will be due in mid-October. We need to get these forms to the school nurse for approval two weeks prior to any League Competitions for which we travel to other schools, so be sure to get these forms filled out, signed, and returned to me! (See Mr. Northrup to get these forms.)


    About the Chess Club:

    Pittsford Sutherland High School's Chess Club offers students opportunities to practice the game, compete interscholastically, and meet students with similar interests. During the interscholastic season, which runs from November through April, our Chess Team travels to other schools for competitions once each month.

    Students of all ability levels are encouraged to attend the Chess Club's weekly meetings, which usually take place on Thursdays or Fridays. At our meetings, students play friendly games in order to learn more about chess. Chess gives students practice with logical thinking and critical analysis. Chess also requires students to plan games and strategies and, often, to play with genuine patience. Increasing one’s abilities as a chess player is a process – a process that is gradual and through which students inevitably experience defeat. Students improve their skills over time and only with appreciable commitment and work ethic. This process can be rewarding, but the challenges that students encounter can also help to build character.

    At monthly competitions as part of the Rochester Interscholastic Chess League, our students have a chance to test their skills against some of the best chess-players from other schools in our area, and, importantly, to socialize with young people from other schools. Additionally, through chess Pittsford students have the chance to represent their school and their community by demonstrating their work ethic, talent, and sportsmanlike conduct.

    Mr. Northrup, Chess Club Advisor