Lab Reservations

  • The computer lab located in Room 146, hosts 25 student stations with headphones and microphones, 4 additional student stations not connected with the World Language system (with headphones and mics that can use another program to record), one black and white laser jet printer, one scanner, a teacher station and my computer.*

    ***If you need a projector for the room you must request it in advance.

    If you are interested in reserving the lab for your class, use the link on the Computer Lab Calendar Signup 2020-21 page to view the calendar and/or sign up for an available time slot. You can also contact me through email by 3:00 PM the day PRIOR to desired use. Your reservation will be confirmed by email. Sign up is first come, first served, except for World Language, Administration and Counseling

    World Language Lab policy: a teacher from the World Language Department may sign up for the lab at least 5 days in advance and displace a class from the lab for that specific time slot. If a World Language teacher needs to reserve a time slot that is already reserved, please contact me to assist in the process. The teacher whose reservation is being cancelled will be notified by email that the lab will no longer be available for their class and an alternate date will be suggested. If the World Language teacher does not request the lab at least 5 days in advance, the first come, first served policy will be followed.

     *Note:  We now have a full compliment of 29 student computers, but only 25 are on the Sony Soloist System used by World Languages. 

    ***If you wish to use a projector, please indicate so when you request the lab so that I can make arrangements with Aaron Brady for one. The Sony Virtuoso program in conjunction with the 25 student stations with Soloist can send out images to the students directly, but they cannot manipulate their computers in this mode. It is simply a way to project simultaneously anything on the teacher station to all the students at once (video, sound or still content).