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Ms. Bertrand

Hi everybody!!!  I have been teaching science for over 20 years...and all of them I have taught freshmen! So I understand the stresses of transitioning to a new school and all of the unique things that encompass being a freshman.  The outdoors is our playground and it is my goal to teach students how to see things with a new lens, question their world, and develop a working scientific mindset.  I want everyone to take time to stop to notice the time of day their shadow is longest, that the direction of sunrise/sunset has changed over the year, unique astronomical events such as a meteor shower, gorgeous cloud formations and what that tells us about the weather, the weathering and erosion rates of rocks, the landscape around them, and many many other elements of Earth Science.  My oceanography students will learn about the depths of our ocean and make many new discoveries with the intention of teaching ME something new!

The more we observe and question, the more we learn.  We live here on planet Earth, and unless you have plans of making a new settlement on another far away planet (and have the means to get there), we have to take care of this planet. My classes are designed to help my students learn about their planet, how to survive the natural disasters that occur on our planet, and how to take care of our planet.