• Homework helps promote daily responsibility. Your child will receive a plastic Homework Folder to be used throughout the school year. This folder contains a weekly "Homework Menu" and the homework sheets and assignments for the week.  The Homework Folder goes home on Mondays of each week and MUST come back and forth to school, in addition to your child's Take Home Folder, every day. Your child may complete their homework assignments early, however, the Homework Folder must still be turned in Daily. Your child is also responsible for 15 minutes of reading per day. This cannot be accomplished ahead of schedule. You must sign off daily on your child's homework. Homework Folders stay in school on FRIDAYS.

  • Spelling/Word Study

    Every Week

    "Predictions" or Pre-Test will be given every Monday. Look for the spelling list in your child's Take Home Folder to come home every Monday. It is part of your child's growing responsibility to bring home that list and their predictions paper.

    Two spelling lists will be offered most weeks. Each list covers the same phonics rule just varying levels of word difficulty depending on your child's mastery of that phonics rule for that week.

    Spelling/Word Study final test is every Friday.

    Review and practice your child's spelling words throughout the week.

    Homework every Thursday is to study and practice Spelling words.

  • Math Facts


    Mastery of addition and subtraction facts to 12, then to 20 is expected to by the end of second grade.  Sometimes plain old fashion flash cards are needed. Start with a few cards every night and gradually increase in volume. Start with addition then move to subtraction.  A MUST DO SKILL !!!!!!