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Degrees and Certifications:

BA - Math & Secondary Education - SUNY Geneseo MS - Special Education - St. John Fisher College

Miss LaBarr

During time away from school in March 2020, please contact me by email.  If you would like to join the Remind group for your class, please email me for the code. At this time, no grades will be recorded.  You are encouraged to work at your own pace.  I will be updating files in Microsoft Teams and OneNote Class Notebook.


Here are some focus areas for our time away. I have listed topics in priority order so if you are only able to do some work, start with what is listed first.


Algebra 1 - graphing lines, solving systems of equations

                 graphing systems practice

                 Here is an online graphing calculator for your use.

                 Statistics - interpret box plot, create box plot


CSP - Brainstorm ideas for the Create Task

         Looking to review old topics or try something new?

         Khan Academy's CSP is great. (Obviously not as great as us being in class together!)


CSA - Unit 8 Review (2D Arrays), 5 FRQs to practice

         AP CS Awesome Unit 8 2D Arrays

         Browser-based IDE for Java


If you are looking for other things to do because your usual routine has been interrupted...

1) Help your family.  Helping with dinner? Here is my favorite recipe site.  You can enter the ingredients you have available and see possible recipes.

2) Do a virtual museum tour.

3) Draw a picture. Write lyrics to a song that describe what's going on in that picture.

4) Try to beat my high score of 4096 in the game 2048.

5) Learn to code at code.org (great for beginner) or through Codecademy (covers more advanced if you're looking to learn a new language).

6) Make a board game or invent a new sport using materials in your home.

7) Make a list of things you are grateful to have in your life. Can include people, places, personal qualities, foods, hobbies, or... it's up to you! Add to the list each day and see if you can list 100.

8) Create a poem, haiku, or meme related to what you are learning in class.

9) Call or video chat with a friend or relative.

10) Read a book.