• first day of school


    The night before the first day of school can be mixed with emotions.  Be sure to talk about it with your child.  Tell them what you remember about first grade when you were in school.  Your child may have a mix of emotions: excitement, nervous, happy, sad, and more.  Below are some tips that can put your child at ease (and you!) for the first day of school.


    Go to bed early


    Pack a healthy snack.


    Pack a lunch or send your child with money to purchase their lunch.  Lunch menus are available on the school website.  It is helpful for your child to decide in advance what he or she would like for lunch. 


    Discuss how your child is getting home from school.  Will a parent pick them up?  Will they take the bus? What bus # do they ride?

    Label personal items such as backpacks, lunchboxes, boots, & jackets.



Last Modified on February 14, 2018