Field Trips

Photo of field trip.
  • The PCSD recognizes the value of field trips in enhancing the instructional and co-curricular programs. Field trips may be curricular or extra curricular in nature. A curricular field trip is an integral part of an approved course of study and is conducted under the supervision of the classroom teacher. An extra curricular field trip supports the goals or purpose of the extra curricular activity and is conducted under the supervision of a teacher, coach, advisor and/or other approved chaperone.

    At the elementary level, curricular field trips typically include things like visits to the Memorial Art Gallery, Planetarium, George Eastman Museum, or a local farm. Our second graders visit the Stone Tolan House to see what rural life was like “long ago” and our fourth graders take a trip on the Erie Canal as part of their study of New York State. Elementary age students may attend a theater production at Nazareth or a performance of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

    Middle school students may visit Genesee Country Village and Museum as part of their Social Studies learning, attend a play at Nazareth college or GEVA theater, go to Mendon Ponds park for nature exploration and geological learning, or engage in Team building activities at Camp Arrowhead. In previous years, extracurricular trips at the middle school level have included the French Club’s trip to Quebec, a visit to New York City by the Spanish club to tour Spanish Harlem and the Hispanic Society Museum. Music students participate in various New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) concerts and solo festivals.

    At the high school level curricular field trips are initiated by individual teachers and/or departments. Some past examples include art students going to Nazareth College for a demonstration of Raku firing, as well as visits to the RIT Graphics Design laboratory; social studies teachers taking students to visit Attica Correctional Facility or to greet members of various Honor Flights; and math teachers arranging a visit to the RIT packaging engineering facility as an opportunity for students to see math in action. Each year the Business department plans a visit to New York City where students visit Wall Street and take tours of selected businesses. Music students participate in NYSSMA concerts and solo festivals and other extracurricular club advisors arrange for trips that will enhance that goals of the club.

    Any field trip requiring overnight accommodations, whether curricular or extra curricular in nature, must be approved by the Superintendent and the Board of Education and is subject to Policy 8460 and all associated regulations.