Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Linda Donoghue Polvino

Degrees and Certifications:
BS Elementary Education PreK-6, New York University
MS Literacy Education K-12, Adelphi University

Phone: 585-267-3373


The Basics:

    • This will be my 22nd year teaching, and my 13th year teaching in PCSD!
    • My husband's name is Dave, and he is REALLY tall! He runs our landscape company. 
    • I have one child, Jackson, and he will be an eighth grader this year.
    • We have two dogs! Timmy, who is a mix of a greyhound and a doberman pincher, and Cecee, who is a beagle mix.  
    • We live in Macedon, in a VERY old farmhouse that needs LOTS of work! We have 30 acres, two barns, and a pond.
    • I grew up "down state" Long Island, and Connecticut.
    • I have one brother, Richard, and one sister, Trish; I'm the oldest.
    • Yellow is my favorite color, if I had to choose one.
    • Shopping for shoes is one of my favorite things to do... especially for high-heels and boots!

What You Should Really Know About Me:

    • I believe that I work with the most important people in the world!
    • You will be able to tell if I have not had my coffee in the morning!
    • You will be doing a lot of talking and collaborating in our classroom.
    • I talk very loudly, and at times, very quickly, so don't be afraid to tell me to slow down!
    • You will be doing a lot of close reading and active thinking with me, so Post-It notes are essential! 
    • I believe a classroom should offer different types of furniture and work spaces so that you can determine what allows you to think, create, and produce your best work.
    • There aren't many classroom rules, but daily effort and engagement are expected.
    • Mistakes allow us to learn.
    • I love quotes that make me think and/or smile!
    • I do not have all of the answers, but you should never hesitate to ask me anything that you feel is relevant to your learning!
    • I do not like to be called Mrs. P
    • I believe that I work with the most important people in the world!