Learning Lab Class Description

  • Learning Lab is a small group class designed to help students strengthen executive functioning skills.  With guidance from the 504 Coordinator, students set one or two learning targets and create a plan for working toward those targets.  Progress is periodically assessed and learning targets are adjusted or new targets are set if needed.  These learning targets are often addressed through content material; however students should not come to Learning Lab expecting to just work on homework.  Target areas/learning plans may include (but are not limited to) strategies for

    • recording/tracking and, when applicable, turning in assignments;
    • managing time and prioritizing tasks;
    • initiating and following through on tasks;
    • chunking long-term assignments into short-term goals;
    • setting up and maintaining an organizational system;
    • establishing protocols and routines for studying/reviewing; and
    • developing self-awareness/metacognition and self-advocacy skills (for example—recognizing when extra help is needed and making arrangements to seek help from a content area teacher or recognizing and asking for a seat change when needed).

    The goal of Learning Lab is for students to develop and internalize strategies to aid in more independent learning.