• Lessons

     Lessons are taught in groups averaging 5 students, once each week, for 39 minutes. Your child’s lesson will always be on the same day of the week, rotating through different time slots on that day. Schedules are distributed to students, posted in team hallways, and outside the orchestra room.  It is each student’s responsibility to know when the lesson occurs, inform their teacher of the lesson, to arrange to make up class work that is missed, and to get new assignments.


  • Assessment

    Your child will receive a grade for his or her lesson almost every week.  Performance of the assigned lesson material will be assessed on the demonstration of the following skills:

    • Tone (quality of sound)
    • Intonation (in tune)
    • Accuracy of Notes
    • Accuracy of Rhythm
    • Accuracy of Bowing & Articulation

    I recommend 100 minutes of practice each week (practicing 5 times a week for 20 minutes each time).  The only to get better at an instrument is to practice.

  • Infinite Campus Lesson Grade Guide


    X = "Excused" Examples of this include: student was absent from school during the time of the lesson (sick, doctor appointment), student had a test in another subject, special circumstances like guest speakers and assemblies.

    T = "Turned In" Student attended lesson, but did not receive a grade.  Examples of this include: coming to the lesson late after taking a quiz, lesson group worked on material that wasn't assigned the week before.

    M = "Missed Lesson" A 55 will be entered for each missed lesson, not a 0.  Missed lessons are lessons the student forgot to attend or skipped.