classroom information

Classroom Information

  • Early Pick-up:

    If at all possible please make your child’s appointments outside of school. If you should need to take your child out of school early, you will need to send a note to school with your child or call the main office.  Please do not e-mail me, as the office needs the information.  Also, please plan to arrive early enough to allow your child time to gather his/her belongings and walk to the office.
    Please pick up your child in the main office instead of in the parking lot. You will need to sign your child out if it is a mid-day pickup.

    Class Parties: 

    To volunteer to send in food/paper products/or help out, please sign up on Bloomz. Q6S7EG

    Halloween Party Sign Up- October 31

    Winter Party Sign Up- December 21

    Valentine's Day Party- February 14

    Surprise Day- end of June

    Seabreeze- end of June


    Food information:

    • Food offerings need to be 50% healthy. For example; cupcakes and sliced apples
    • No homemade goods, only store bought (a district policy).
    • All ingredients to be sent in prior to the party so we can make arrangement for students with diet restrictions.


    Celebrating a birthday at school is always a special treat! According to the districts wellness policy; “limit the number of food celebrations to one per month.” Since there is already parties scheduled on certain months, please do not send in treats for your child’s birthday. Instead consider the following suggestions: Give a sharpended pencil to each student, donate a book for the class library, or other creative ideas are welcome. Please do not feel obligated to end in "favors" to pass out. We will spend 10 minutes playing a class game of your child’s choice on their birthday. (Heads up 7 up, four corners, outside time)

    Half birthdays can be recognized if the student expresses interest.

    With regards to party invitations,  it will only be permissible to distribute invitations in class if every child is receiving one.
    Snack Time:

    We will have a brief snack each morning after specials.  Please send your child with a healthy snack that can be eaten while working.  Chips, cookies and candy are discouraged. Consider fruit, vegetables, dry cereal, pretzels, yogurt, or granola bars. 

    Students will be asked to wash their hands before snack. Students who have a snack with nuts will sit at a designated table and wash their hands after snack as well.
    Water bottles: You may send a reusable water bottle clearly labeled with your child's name. Water bottles will be sent home daily and should fit in your child's backpack without the risk of leaking. Please refill the water bottle with fresh water only and return it to school the following day.

    Please do not send your child to school with a cell phone, GameBoy, iPod or other expensive electronics. If they have a cellphone, it will need to kept in their bookbags turned off. The ONLY electronics we allow at school on a daily basis are Kindles, Nooks or other reading devices.                                             

    We typically go outside during recess every day.  Please help your fifth grader plan ahead so that he/she is dressed for the weather.  Boots and snow pants are highly recommended once the cold, snowy weather sets in. Without them, students may not leave the black top. 

    Vacation Homework: As per school policy, homework will be waiting for your child when he/she returns from vacation.