• I believe in a well rounded student who participates in fun, enriching extra curricular activities.


    Fourth graders should expect about 40 minutes of homework each night.  Expect independent reading for 20 minutes and math almost every night. Other ELA and social studies homework are sent home at times as well. Please, help your child check the blue take home folder each night. One side is for materials to leave at home and the other side is for homework or papers that need to be signed by parents are returned to school.

    Please, initial your child's agenda each night and record the amount of minutes they independently read (20 min or more).


    Homework Responsibilities


    • Fill out the planner before leaving each day - this is done whole class with guidance from me
    • Take home all needed materials - I tell the students what they will need at the end of each day
    • Complete and return assignments on time
    • Do careful, neat work, always showing best effort         



    • Help set up a consistent organized place for homework to be done. 
    • Help your child establish a schedule for completing homework with sufficient time. 
    • Encourage, motivate, and prompt your child to do homework, but do not do the homework for him/her.  
    • If your child is not consistently able to do the homework by him/herself, contact me.
    • Even if your child is not finished, stop him/her at bedtime. 
    • Help your child by planning trips and doctor appointments when school is not in session.  

    If a homework assignment is not complete, I will give the student a Homework Alert. It will need to completed by the student and signed by a parent and brought to school the next day. If homework completion becomes an issue, I will contact you so we discuss and come up with a plan. Students may have to miss recess if they get far behind.