Automotives I

  • Course Description

    Automotives I is a course that provides students with a foundation of the basics in automotive technology, with an emphasis on the theory and hands-on training.  Students are introduced to new developments in automotives through in-depth discussions and activities dealing with the following topics:


    • Shop Safety
    • Ownership Fundamentals
    • Car care
    • Tools
    • Wheels and tires
    • Lubrication, maintenance, and simple tune-ups
    • Disc brake operation and maintenance


    Within each activity students will learn tips reducing the cost of owning and operating a vehicle.  Automotives I is designed to fit the needs of two types of students, those who simply wish to know the basics of automotive care and how to become a more knowledgeable consumer, and also those students who intend to follow professional careers in automotives or automotive engineering.