• Have Dignity & Pride In Everything You Do:

    • Recognize that carelessly writing down one or two words answers in any assignment reflects a desire to do the bare minimum and reflects a lack of effort on the part of a student. DO YOUR WORK & DO IT WELL!
      • Read instructions and make sure that you are actually following the directions. Not doing following instructions is the easiest way to lose points

    Take Responsibility For Yourself:

      • Study properly for test and quizzes.
      • See the teacher with questions or for extra help.
      • Assignments that are missed and not made up in a timely manner will be considered a zero. I will not find you for missed work; that is your responsibility. 

    Produce Quality Work:

      • Always do your absolute best on all assignments. Your work sends a clear message about who you are as a person

    Be Prepared:

      • Come to class ON TIME with a writing utensil and all necessary materials for class including your binder/folder.


      • You will have several projects and/or throughout the year, make sure you do these and turn them in on time. Students have failed this class because of not turning in projects or turning them in late/incomplete.


      • Repeated failure to come to class prepared, complete homework, or any other behavior deemed unacceptable will result not only impact your grade but also may have discipline consequences.


      • Respect is a reflection of a person’s character. Make sure you show respect to me and your fellow classmates at all times. This is a place for learning.