• Update May 2020

    Mr. Rumley's Global History 9: please check your school emails or remind accounts for the weekly update and new assignments!

    Contact Information
    During our school closure, I will do a daily check of my school email: kyle_rumley@pittsford.monroe.edu
    For students specifically, I will also continue to be available regularly through scheduled Zoom Office Hours and Remind.

    Essential Learning Activities
    All resources, notes or activities will be available through the Office365 OneDrive, as they have been throughout the course of the year.  As a reminder, students will continue to use their regular school log-on to access Office365. It may also be likely that you will need access to the World History textbook, a copy of which should already be at home.

Global History 9

  • Welcome!  Global History and Geography 9 is a year long course that surveys the history of the world up to the year 1750.  During the first semester, we learn about early man and ancient civilizations, then cover African, South Asian, East Asian, Southeast Asian, and Latin American history up to the year 1750.  In the spring semester, we do a chronological study of Europe from ancient Greece and Rome through the Enlightenment.  There will be an emphasis on making connections, drawing conclusions, analyzing cause and effect, evaluating primary source historical documents and studying enduring issues that have affected humans across time.

Global Coursework

  • ALL class notes, powerpoints, activities and homework assignments have been SHARED with you on your Office365 OneDrive account so that you can access them online at any time from your computer or phone.  Use the OneDrive to find missed or missing work, review class notes, or prepare for exams.

    Quizlet Class Link:

    Mansa Musa Catalan Atlas 14th Century

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