What is the "MidKnight Way"

  • A significant focus of the SEL committee has been on creating a CRMS Touchstone. We consider our touchstone to be our core values. Our SEL team has worked with different stakeholder groups, answering the question “What does it mean to be a MidKnight?” The responses led to identifying four core terms that capture who we are – Creative, Resilient, Mindful, and Spirited. During the spring of 2017, several activities helped introduce the student body to our new touchstone, including the Spirit Week celebration and end of the year awards. 

    The "MidKnight Way...Always" poster was developed and appears in the halls and classrooms of CRMS. Currently, students are assisting the committee in designing a coat of arms that symbolizes the four core terms of Creative, Resilient, Mindful, and Spirited.

    The SEL committee will continue to look for ways to enrich our school with the message of the MidKnight Way and assist teachers in incorporating the development of these attributes into their everyday classroom activities.

What is the Social Emotional Learning Committee?

  • The Social Emotional Learning Committee is a group of teachers, parents, and staff who look for ways to infuse Pittsford’s Performance and Moral Character traits into our school. Our work has led to the development of a school touchstone "The MidKnight Way...Always." The MidKnight Way is defined as being Creative, Resilient, Mindful, and Spirited.