Algebra/Geometry Calculator Recommendations

  • Every student must have a calculator for completing HW!


     New York State Regents Exams in June REQUIRE each student to have a graphing calculator during the exam.  We will be using graphing calculators frequently and students will be learning applications and problem solving strategies based on the graphing calculator capabilities. 

    The TI-84 is the lowest level graphing calculator that may be used. 
    While it is acceptable, it has become an "outdated" resource.

    The TI-Nspire is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  It has more memory and a USB port that easily connects to the computer for downloading programs, APPS, and backing up any information from the calculator.  This is also the calculator students will have access to in school.

    In addition, the TI-Nspire will be required for High School Math classes.                  



    Please let me know if obtaining a calculator is a problem for you.