• Fluency 

    Reading fluency is the ability to read with sufficient ease and accuracy which allows the reader to focus his or her attention on the meaning and the message of the text. Having an automatic sight vocabulary* contributes to fluent reading.  Therefore, a reader's oral reading should sound natural demonstrating accuracy, rhythm and flow that indicates confident understanding of the text.  The reader will read with expression raising or lowering the voice to show appropriate emotion. 

    The following folders contain sight words for students in grades 1-2. These words should be recognized automatically by the end of second grade.  Third graders should be able to read and spell most of these words by the end of the year. Have your child practice these words in a fun game like manner.  Some suggested activities include:

    • write words with colored markers, pencils or chalk
    • write individulal sight words on index cards (Have your child write a sentence on the back using the word to provide context)
    • make two sets of challenging sight words about 5 and play a memory game to find the match
    • sky write words in the air and then write the word on paper
    • write the word on paper and then stamp words with alphabet stamps
    • write individual words on colored craft sticks:  place sticks in a container and pull out stick to read the word
    • write words on dry erase board
    • write words on small sticky notes then play sight word match with words written on a wipe board
    • build sight words with letter tiles
    • play sight word bingo or tic tac toe:  Create a template and have your child fill in each box with the sight word. Use creative game markers


    High Frequency Words: 200 (List Form)

    High Frequency Words: First 100 (List Form)


    Word Cards

    100 High Frequency Word Cards

    200 Second Grade Sight Word Cards

    200 Second Grade Sight Word Cards (second half)


    To achieve the goal of fluent reading, short text for fluency instruction through repeated readings with text and/or computer assisted technology are used.   Students are directly taught the use of phrasing, intonation, and oral expression in order to build fluency.  If a student has a limited sight word vocabulary, sight word reading to develop automaticity would be implemented.  The Fountas & Pinnell high frequency words, along with Fry Phrases would be used until the student is able to read words automatically. 


    The following Power Points can be accessed to practice reading sight word phrases until they are read automatically without hesitation.

    Fry Phrases - 1st One Hundred Words

    Fry Phrases- Second One Hundred Words

    Fry Phrases - Third One Hundred Words