• Currently reviewing foundational skills like finding main idea and details, as well as working on reading responses, in order to best prepare for the NYS ELA assessments.


    Book Clubs: All book club assignments are created with the intention to complete them IN class.  Any carry over becomes homework and counts for that night's 20 minutes of reading.  The questions and/or assignment that goes with any given book club assignment needs to be completed before the next day as well.

    Spelling: Our spelling focus will vary from week to week; however, please be aware that students will be tested every Friday (regardless of what number day it is).  Spelling Words will go home every Monday on colored paper.
    Reading Menu: You can find all of our reading menu's for the school year posted below.  The menu is assigned on the first day of the month and due on the first day of the next month.  The choices are varied.  Students can choose ANYTHING they are currently reading to answer the questions!  This could be a book (finished or unfinished), an article, a short story, etc.
    Reading Log: Please fill in the number of minutes read per night and color in one apple for each night you've read!
    Independent Reading Projects (IRPs): Our school librarian, Karen Wilson, works hand-in-hand with the fourth grade team to choose different reading projects that engage young readers in a plethora of genres.  Students will pick out their IRP book in library and work at home on the month long project.  The goal is for students to be exposed to a variety of genres that they would not normally choose.  Projects are assigned well in advance to the due date (at least four weeks).
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