Sight Words

    • Sight word recognition is a very important skill in order to help ensure reading success.   Sight words are words that should be able to be recalled quickly as they will help your child's reading to remain fluent and will help to maintain comprehension of what has been read.  When your child comes to a sight word in their reading they should not attempt to sound them out (many cannot be sounded out, for example the words "the" or  "was").  Beginning in kindergarten students will be working to learn to read and write sight words.  The attached files have the sight words that can be downloaded for your child to practice at home!  These files include the words that are expected to be learned in kindergarten, first and second grade.  You can use the flashcard files to print off for additional practice for your child.  You can also play several games with the words to help your child learn the sight words! 


      Some games you can play or activities that you can do at home to help your child learn sight words include:



      • Skywriting - have your child make the letters of their words by putting their arm straight out and having two pointing fingers make large movements to form each letter in the word, saying them aloud as they "write" them.
      • Sidewalk Chalk - have your child practice writing their words on the driveway or sidewalk in chalk
      • Playdoh - have your child practice making their words in Playdoh
      • Stamps - if you have alphabet stamps your child can stamp their words out!
      • Magnetic letters - have your child use magnetic letters to make their words
      • BINGO - make a bingo board and fill in the board with your child's sight words (depending on their age, your child could do this for additional practice writing their words, or you can fill in a board for them).  Then read off the words and have your child find them on the board and see if they can get "BINGO!". 
      • Memory Match or Concentration- print off two copies of the flashcards and play the game with words instead of pictures!
      • Go Fish - print off two copies of the flashcards and play the game with your child's sight words!
      • Tic-Tac-Toe - take turns playing tic-tac-toe with your child, but you each use a sight words instead of x's and o's!
      •  Word Detective - have your child be a word detective and go on a scavenger hunt for their sight words- they can be all around- in letters, newspapers,  books you read together, in stores, on menus or food labels- be creative for where you look and have fun!
      • Sensory fun - put some shaving cream on a counter or area that can be easily cleaned and allow your child to make their words this way
      • Food fun - many snacks have letter options (Cheez Its and pretzels to name a couple)- let your child "play" with their food and make their words. 


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