• Update May 2020

    Mr. Rumley's Participation in Government class: please check your school emails or remind accounts for the weekly update and new assignments!

    Currently, we are completing the Public Policy Project in segments during the school closure.

    Contact Information
    During our school closure, I will do a daily check of my school email: kyle_rumley@pittsford.monroe.edu
    For students specifically, I will also continue to be available regularly through scheduled Zoom Office Hours and Remind.

    Essential Learning Activities
    All resources, notes or activities will all be available through the Office365 OneDrive, as they have been throughout the course of the semester.  As a reminder, students will continue to use their regular school log-on to access Office365. It may also be likely that you will need access to the United States Government: Principles in Practice textbook, a copy of which was passed out in school.

Participation in Government

  • This course consists of an examination of the attitudes, policies, and processes that shape contemporary American public policy. Students will work toward acquiring political consciousness and analysis skills necessary for effective participation in and development of a more democratic society.

Class News and Activities

  • ALL class activities, assignments and documents have been SHARED with you on your Office365 OneDrive account so that you can access them online at any time from your computer or phone.  Use the OneDrive to find missed or missing work, review documents, or prepare for projects.

    Check here for information on your Public Policy Final Project:  www.procon.org

    Use this link to play the redistricting game: http://www.redistrictinggame.org/

    Find your voter information from the Monroe County Board of Elections >>> HERE <<<<

Upcoming Events

  • As part of the course requirements, you MUST attend one of these local government meetings! You will likely have more than 30 meetings to choose from over the course of the coming semester, so complete this assignment right away - no excuses!  You might even learn something new about your school district or town! Calendars of all Pittsford School Board & Town Board events/meetings can be found at:

    Pittsford Board of Education Meetings - BRMS 7:00PM
    WARNING: These dates are subject to change! Please double check the school district's calendar to make sure that you are not arriving to an empty meeting room!!

    Pittsford Town Board Meetings - Town Hall 7:00PM Lower Level
    WARNING: The Town's meetings are also subject to change at any time! Please double check all meeting dates!!

    **Special Note: While these meetings are preferable, as they are - in most cases - the most relevant to your lives, you may also attend other pre-approved meetings, such as Planning, Zoning, or the Historic Preservation Board**