Welcome to Concert Choir

  • Mr. Bohrer, director
    Contact Information:
    email: Brian_Bohrer@pittsford.monroe.edu
    Phone: 585-267-3880

    Please see the concert and event calendar below for all dates for the 2021-22 school year!

    Concert Choir performances 2021-22

    Monday, November 15 7pm
    Tuesday, March 8 7pm
    Thursday, June 9 7pm

    Polyphonic Choir performances 2021-22

    Tuesday, November 9 7pm
    Tuesday, March 8 7pm
    Wednesday, June 8 7pm

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        Polyphonic Choir 21-22  Concert Choir 21-22
    Polyphonic Choir 2021-22                                     Concert Choir 2021-22