• CRMS Music Shirt Orders

    Dear parents and students in all CRMS music ensembles,

    Please make sure to read this information about our concert dress requirements for all CRMS music ensembles this year.  All 6th grade chorus and any students new to chorus are required to order a black polo shirt that is labeled Pittsford Music.  Any students who already have a Pittsford/CRMS music shirt will wear that.  It is imperative that this order is completed in a timely manner so that all students will receive their shirts in time for the first concerts of the year.  To order, you must go to the link at the bottom of this page.

    There are three style options for the shirts – youth sizes, ladies’ cut adult, and regular adult cut shirts.  We will have samples of most of sizes here at CRMS.  Students may try on the shirts if they’d like.

    All online orders are due on Friday, October 1st. All payments are completed on the website.  Please complete this order on time, and let us know if you have any problems ordering.

    Also, students will need to wear either black dress pants or a long, black skirt with this polo shirt.  The skirts should be below the knee when sitting.  Leggings with mini skirts, jeggings, and black jeans are not appropriate for concert dress.  We recommend shopping at a department store such as JCPenney for these items.  Students should wear dark dress shoes as well.

    Please contact your child’s music ensemble director if you have any further questions.  Thank you!

    Mr. Brian Bohrer - Brian_Bohrer@pittsford.monroe.edu, chorus

    Mrs. Robin Beel – Robin_Beel@pittsford.monroe.edu, orchestra

    Mrs. Theresa Bowers – Theresa_Bowers@pittsford.monroe.edu, band

    Mrs. Kayleigh White – Kayleigh_White@pittsford.monroe.edu, band

    Click Here:

    Pittsford Music Shirt Order Website