Student Travel

  • PCSD recognizes the value of field trips in enhancing instructional and co-curricular programs. Field trips may be curricular (part of an approved course of study) or extra curricular (supports the purpose of the activity). All field trips are conducted under the supervision of a teacher, coach, advisor and/or other approved chaperone. 

    The following student travel handbook was designed for school administrators, faculty and parent liaisons involved in the organization of trips for students. Created by NYSIR, New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal, this handbook was written to help with the challenging task of selecting, planning and managing student travel. It includes information about several aspects of student travel, such as:

    • Insurance coverage
    • Risk control recommendations
    • Emergency management planning
    • Terrorism threat
    • Foreign travel
    • Chaperones
Cover to NYSIR Guide for Student Travel