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SC Global 10/Power Points/Audio Notes:

Unit 1: Age of Revolution

           Age of Revolution Blank Notes

            Age of Revolution PP

Unit 2: Industrial Revolution

Unit 3: Nationalism & Unification

            German Unification Notes

            Italian Unification Notes

Unit 4: Imperialism

            Imperialism in the 19th Century Power Point

            Imperialism Notes

Unit 5: World War I 

            WWI Power Point

            WW1 Notes

Unit 6: Russian Revolution    

           Russian Revolution Power Point     

           Russian Rev Notes

Unit 7: Europe Between the Wars

           Between the Wars Notes

           Between the Wars pp

Unit 8: Rise of Totalitarianism

            Germany Totalitarianism

            Germany pp

            Italy Totalitarianism

            Italy pp

            USSR Totalitarianism

             USSR pp

Unit 9: World War II

            WW2 Notes

            WW2 pp

Unit 10: Holocaust

             Holocaust pp

Unit 11: The Cold War

            Cold War notes

            Cold War notes pp

Unit 12: Independence Movements

China 20th Century Audio Notes with Power Point

China in the 20th Century Student Notes

China in the 20th Century Power Point

Chinese Civil War Reading

Mao Zedong Reading

Deng Xiaoping and Tiananmen Square Reading

India Independence Audio Notes

Indian Independence Power Point

Indian Independence Student Notes

Indian Independence Reading

Ghandi Reading

Africa Independence Audio Notes part 1

African Independence Audio Notes part 2

Africa Independence Notes

Africa Independence Notes Power Point

Africa Independence Movement ReadingApartheid Reading

Apartheid Reading

Modern Middle East Notes

Modern Middle East Video Notes part 1

Modern Middle East Video Notes part 2

Modern Middle East notes Power Point

Imperialism and Nationalism in the Middle East Reading

Turkey and Kemal Ataturk Reading

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Reading

Iranian Revolution Reading

Unit 13: Human Rights Violations


Unit 14: Contemporary Issues