Regents Living Environment

  • REGENTS Biology- The Living Environment


    What you need to know:


    1. Three-ring Binder (1 inch) with 2 dividers labeled Notes and Classwork/Homework
    2. Lined Notebook Paper
    3. Colored Pencils
    4. Pens, pencils & highlighters are needed for class each day.


    1. Microsoft Teams:  All notes, labs and homework will be posted in the Class Notebook.

    2. Remind:  Download the app.  Remind is for teacher to student communication please.  Parents,     please feel free to communicate with me via email.

    • 4th Period Activation code- @mvikings4
    • 5th Period Activation Code- @mvikings5
    • 8th Period Activation code- @mvikings8

    3. Castle

    • I will post castle learning assignments regularly.  Castle learning is a wonderful tool for students to use in order to receive immediate feedback on their work. 


    • Certain assignments will be required to be turned into for credit. 

    Bring CHARGED Laptop Daily – This will enable you to access Microsoft Teams and get to class materials readily and without the hassle of trying to get to the computer lab.

    LAB REQUIREMENT   In order to earn Regents credit for this course you must have 30 lab credits on file. A lab credit stands for one 40-minute lab period. Some labs may be worth more than one credit if they take more than one class period. This lab work must be documented in your Teams Class Notebook in order to be eligible for the Regents Exam in June. Only lab reports submitted to Teams of reasonable quality (65% or better) will count toward the 30 lab credit requirement.


    • Every day 7th period in room 213
    • Also by appointment during other free periods or after school.  Please use my schedule outside room 213 or on Teams


    1. Be on time! You must be in your seat ready to start class when the bell rings. After your 3rd tardy you will be given a discipline referral.


    1. Be Prepared! You must have all the necessary materials for class each day (Binder, colored pencils, pen, pencil and laptop)




    1. No cell phones are allowed on the desktop!   Cell phones must be turned off and placed in your backpack unless instructed otherwise. 


    1. Only biology materials allowed on the table top.


    1. No food or drink is allowed in the room during lab.


    1. When absent, please check the agenda tab in Teams for missed assignments!