The sixth grade English program is designed to provide students with an integrated process-oriented study of the conventions of the English language.
    ⇒ To gain information, discover meaning, understand logical relationships, and make judgments through critical thinking, reading, researching, and thinking.
    ⇒ To speak, write, and solve problems creatively
    ⇒ To communicate emotions, ideas, opinions, values, experiences, and information.
    ⇒ To discover both the power and the beauty of literature as a mirror of human experience, reflecting human motives, conflicts, values, and traditions.
    Within the language arts program is instruction and implementation in the following areas:
    ⇒ grammar and language skills to assist in providing a framework for manipulating language.
    ⇒ vocabulary to strengthen and build word acquisition and comprehension.
    ⇒ reading strategies to extract information and develop higher level comprehension.
    ⇒ writing to emphasize the process approach of thinking, organizing, drafting, and revising.
    ⇒ literature to expose students to various genre such as poetry, drama, non-fiction, short stories, and novels.
    ⇒ thinking skills to help engage students in critical analysis.
      The Pittsford Middle School English curriculum is sequential, providing the student with a structured approach for learning and applying communication skills and exceeds the New York State Standards for Language Arts.