Newbery Book Club

  • Newbery Medal

    BRMS Newbery Book Club

    This is a mock Newbery club. The purpose of the club is to read and evaluate a selection of the best middle grade books published during the current year. This is a collaborative club with other middle schools in the Rochester area. In January/February, club members from all schools will come together and vote for the book they believe deserves to win our mock Newbery Award based on official Newbery criteria.

    Club Expectations:

    • Attend as many meetings as you can. It's ok to miss a few as long as you are reading and participating in book discussions on the Newbery Club Teams page.
    • Read all (or most) of the required books.
    • Share ideas and opinions respectfully & with an open mind.

    Club Meetings:

    Book List: