DDP Course Info


    GRADES 9-12 FULL YEAR - 1 UNIT (PLTW Basic Course)

    Design & Drawing for Production is a blend of artistic hand drawing, technical drawing, and computer

    aided design & drawing (CADD) all rolled into one course. Students will learn how to solve problems presented

    in the class by using their knowledge, communication, and drawing skills that will be developed

    during the course of a year. Students will brainstorm new ideas, draw their ideas on paper, and then

    mock up their designs using inventor software on the school computers. Students will be given opportunities

    to build prototypes and test working models of their problem solving techniques. Students

    practice working in groups and as individuals on problem solving projects. They may give presentations

    to the class on their findings and designs. Students will then be given an opportunity to evaluate themselves

    at the end of these activities. Activities may include designing, building and testing a Puzzle Cube,

    using the laser engraver to make a plaque or a key chain, and using the 3D printer to make a part they

    have designed. When the students are done with these activities, they get to take their projects home

    and keep them!