Reading is the key

Parent Resources to Support Comprehension


    Grades K-2

    Here are some questions to ask to support your younger child's comprehension:

    • Identifying the title and making predictions – “What do you think this book might be about?”
    • Use picture clues on the cover to help make predictions?
    • Fiction/non-fiction – Is this book fiction or nonfiction? How do you know?
    • After reading a page, stop to retell what has happened.
    • Who are the characters?
    • Where is the setting?
    • What was the order of events?  Retell the story - what happened first, next, then, last?
    • Making connections - What does this make you think of?  Have you had a similar experience?  Has this ever happened to you?


    Grades 3-5

    Here are some questions to ask to support your older child's comprehension:


    o   Make predictions about the solution to a problem, the outcome of a story, or what might happen next.

        You can ask questions like: What do you think they will do about this problem?  What do you think is the best way to solve this problem?


    o   Retell the story by sequencing important events; distinguish between major events/details vs. minor events/details.

        You can ask them to tell what happened in the story from the beginning.  Be sure they are using character names!


    o   What was the author’s message or main idea?

        If you are reading a fiction story, have them tell the author's message, or the main events in the story.  For nonfiction, they should be able to articulate the main idea.  This would be what the story is mostly about including only a few major details.  You can even ask them to tell you how they know!


    o   In your own words, how would you summarize the paragraph, chapter, or story?

        This is a tricky, but important one!  Ask them to summarize a section using only a few sentences!


    o   Ask, what was the author’s purpose for writing this story/article? (i.e. why did they write it?, what was the message or moral of the story?)