sight words

Sight Word Activities

  • Remember, students shouldn't try to sound out sight words.  They need to be memorized and recognized quickly and automatically!


    There are endless opportunities to practice sight words. Here are a few of my favorite ways:

    • Go on a word hunt!
      • Hunt for sight words all around.  You can do this in the store, in books you are reading as a family and even on your child's clothing.  This can also be done if you are still working on letter with your child!  You can even start a graph to chart which words pop up most often!
    • Sight word matching- give your child a pile of sight words and hide a matching word card in different areas of the house.
    • Sight word sentences- sight words can be abstract and kids can have a difficult time attaching meaning to the words.  Have your child pick a sight word and say or write it in a sentence.  They can even write the sentence on the back of a flashcard and draw a picture to go with it.  You can also point out when they use their sight words in everyday conversation.
    • Write the words in fun ways- you child can go outside and write the words in chalk, or paint the words inside.  It can be really fun to write the words in shaving cream but that one can get messy!
    • Flashlight fun- post word cards around a room.  Turn out the lights and use a flashlight to spot the words!
    • Sight word songs- there are many fun sight word songs on Youtube that you can sign with your kids.  This is especially good when students are getting tripped up on a specific word.  There are a ton out there, so I am happy to recommend some good ones, if needed!