• Students should ride their assigned buses to and from school. Students in grades 4 & 5 may take the late bus home from school for scheduled school activities such as band, orchestra, chorus, and student council. Students are not permitted to ride a bus other than his/her own without approval from transportation and/or the principal.

    A bus schedule, listing stops and times, is mailed in late summer or may be obtained at the school office.


    To insure the safety and comfort of students at Jefferson Road School, the following bus rules apply: 

    • Students stay seated while bus is moving
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself
    • Use quiet voices and appropriate language.


    Children who ride their bicycles to school should park them in the bike rack in front of the school. It is strongly advised that each child have a bike lock and use it to prevent any chance of theft. A note from parents giving the student permission to ride a bike to and from school is required.