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    We look forward to continuing our partnership with Asif, learning Hebrew and spending time with the new Shinshinim!



    We partnered with Mr. Adam Shine's English class this year. We completed many fun projects using Google Slides. We exchange handwritten letters that our Shinshinim delivered for us.


     We learned a lot of Hebrew with our amazing teacher, Morah Tizppy! She is pictured below in the beautiful apron the class made her to say thank you!




    Here we are with our Shinshinim for the year. Shinshinim are Israeli high school graduates who postpone there military service to spend a year abroad teaching other about their country.



    Covid didn't stop us! 

    Here are the covers of two of the projects we did. The first one was a "get to know you" slide set. The second one was our Kindness Challenge. Each student created a slide showing and telling about what he/she did to be kind.

    We also Zoomed together twice during the year.

    project     p 2




    Even though we were learning in the gym, six feet apart, we still learned Hebrew with Morazh Tzippy. She "Zoomed in" once a week!


    I 1          I 2

    Asif School sent Miss Gali to us as part of the Israeli delegation. We enjoyed her visit.

    I 3   

    Mrs. Stevens-Oliver visited Asif School in Israel as part of the teacher delegation from Rochester.

     I 4     IO 5

    We did many project online. We wrote letters back and forth, sending pictures and small gifts. We created a book with our handprints (white is Thornell, pink is Asif) to show that we are two schools with one heart.


    This year we have done two projects as of 28 March 2019. 

    Our first project was on Google Slides.  Each set of partners took half a slide to list facts about him/herself.  We found out we are all a lot alike!


    Our second project was also in Google Slides.  Both classes read the book, Alexander and the Terrible Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day. We then wrote ways to have a better day!


    Purim poster  book cover



     We also are learning Hebrew with Mrs. Kleinberg!



    2017-2018 -Mr. Adam Shine's class at Asif school in Modi'in Israel!


    Mr. Adam's Class

    November: Exchanged PowerPoint Presentations to introduce our location and schools. The files are attached below.

    December: Google Slides - worked on a shared slide with our partner to write about ourselves (we are very much alike!)

    December: Mrs. Kleinberg visited to teach us Hebrew! We learned the letters, how to write our names, and a song to welcome people to our classroom.

    learn Hebrew 1           learn Hebrew 2

    December: Sang to the Israeli Delegation (Li, la li li...) & met Mrs. Aragamon , who brought us letters from our partner class at Asif and taught us about her city and school.  We wrote letters in return, and included pictures and a homemade bookmark.

    letters for Israel           Class with Mrs. Aragan           Tzahala presents



    When Mrs. Aragamon returned to Israel she delivered our letters and gifts. Mr. Shine sent us these pictures.  There is a video, too, which I will try to upload soon! As you can see, our friends at Asif were VERY excited!


     open letters 1           open letters 2           open letters 3           open letters 4           open letters 5           open letters 6           open letters 7           open letters 8          

    open letters 9           open letters 10


    January - We continued to work on our Hebrew!


    March - We created Google Slides together showing our favorites


    April - We created two art projects in celebration of Israel's 70th Birthday!

    Windows on Jerusalem project        Israel Collage project

    June - We Skyped with Mr. Shine's Class! And we had a farewell party of Mrs. Kleinberg, our AWESOME Hebrew Teacher. You can see the book we made for her on our Shutterfly Share Site.

    Skyping with Mr. Shine    

    Mr. Shine took a picture with our class on the screen!    


       Shawn, Tzippy and toni

      Mr. Beldue, Mrs. Kleinberg and Mrs. Stevens-Oliver pose with the cake.