Health and Wellness

  • Health and Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth. Wellness also encompasses how people feel about various aspects of their lives and the actions taken for a successful existence.

Health and Wellness Committee 2022-2023

Member Position
Stephanie Barg Coordinator of SEL - Chair
Shana Cutaia Director of Student Services
Ann Kane Prevention Coordinator
Susan Sagan-Levitan PTSA
Richard Albano PDAA Elementary
Michael Falzoi PDAA Secondary
Emily Natoli-Burns PDTA
Bret Burrows Physical Education
Amy Daniels School Counselor
Megan Brown School Psychologist
Paulette Vangellow Dir. of Food Services
Anne Holahan Sp. Ed. TRE
Julie Wittig Community Service Coordinator
Connie Maust Gen. Ed. BRMS
Benjamin Winter Counseling SHS
Pamela Creighton P.E. MCE
Erin McCrae FACS/Health CRMS
Elizabeth Patton Gen. Ed. PRE
Colleen Pichette School Nurse Teacher
Ryan Domina Sp. Ed. MHS
Patricia Steeley Sp. Ed. JRE
Julia Peralta Gen Ed ACE

District Wellness Policy

  • The Pittsford Board of Education adopted a district wellness policy to meet federal requirements aimed to promote healthy eating and physical activity through changes in school environments.

    The PCSD Wellness policy was developed after careful study and review by a representative group of parents, administrators, teachers, community health and safety specialists, and health, physical education and food service staff. 

    The policy establishes goals for nutrition education, nutrition guidelines, physical activity and other school-based activities that are designed to promote student wellness. It provides for continued communication about wellness with students, staff and parents.

Health and Wellness at PCSD

  • Speaker on foods to p romote positive mood Community Education


    Education efforts have started for the District, PTSA and Pittsford Youth Services. This presenter speaks on nutrition for mental health and foods to promote a positive mood.  

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  • Wall display Sprint past alcohol High School Students' Drug Free Messages


    Reflecting on the information from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey results, high school students created very visual positive messages.  

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  • Spread the Love Heart bulletin board Heart Health Month


    February is American Heart Month. Activities include the Great Replay in Physical Education classes, wear red day,  heart healthy smoothie day and healthy heart themed activities.  

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  • Character education activity puzzle Character Education


    Jefferson Road Elementary School held a“Share Your Care” kickoff event where Principal Clark shared information about his personal journey and how the gift of helping others made a positive and significant impact on his personal and professional life. Classrooms read the story Because Amelia Smiled, and all students customized a puzzle piece which described something they cared about and one way that they could share that passion and care with others.

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  • Link Crew One and All Activity  Lessons Through Link Crew


    Link Crew Leaders are teaching two classroom lessons this year to all English 9 classes. The first lesson is called "Why Limit Yourself" and focuses on the importance of seeking excellence and being open to new ideas and approaches.

    The second lesson is based around the theme of "Creating Community" by building strong relationships.

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